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Why invest

We all have big dreams for ourselves and our families and we need our money to grow in order to be able to fulfill these dreams. Fortunately today we have multiple avenues and financial tools available in order to make our dreams and aspirations come true. We need to invest our money in order to meet the following objectives:

Beat Inflation: Investing lets your money grow in tune with the rising cost of living and day-to-day expenses.

B.Fulfill Your Financial Goals: Investing periodically, even in small amounts helps you plan for the big events in life. No matter which instrument you invest in, be it equities, bonds, derivatives or mutual funds, you end up saving for your education, vacations, marriage or even retirement.

C.Multiply Wealth: Money should not remain idle, but should grow over the years. If you do not invest your savings, you lose out on the opportunity to earn more from your existing resources. Investing systematically ensures continued returns thus improving your financial stability.

The first step in the direction of Investment is to plan them well. Investing periodically and systematically often yields the best returns over the long run. To fulfill our goals and dreams, it is necessary to start investing as early as possible. Investing early ensures that your wealth accumulates over time.

At Victory Terminal financial services , we help you get a step closer to your dreams by guiding you through your Investments. We believe that each one of you has the potential to build and multiply your idle resources and provide you with customised solutions to plan for the uncertain future.

We promise not to rest until we have helped you achieve your goals. With our vast range of wealth management solutions you can enjoy the advantage of Victory Terminal financial services global resources to meet your Investment requirements.

Why invest with us

We understand that you bank on our expertise and advice on Equity Brokerage and Wealth Solutions.

World Class Research: The backbone of all our recommendations is the research from Victory Terminal financial services - one of the largest institutional domestic research teams amongst foreign brokers with a wide coverage of stocks across all major industries.

Top Rated Advisors: The Victory Terminal financial services team boasts of certified Equity and Financial Advisors with formidable industry experience, as well as Product Specialists who are subject matter experts. When you choose Victory Terminal financial services, you enter in to a unique relationship where our advisors will understand you and identify your distinctive needs. Their financial experience combined with intimate knowledge of your priorities will help fulfill your vision of your FUTURE.

State-of-the-art Technology: We pride ourselves in building state-of-the-art financial tools and systems, and making them available to you at your finger-tips.

Ideal for investors who are new to online stock trading.
Multiple customised market watches
Monitor your orders and positions online
Works even on low bandwidth internet connections

Live streaming quotes
Shortcut keys to buy / sell
Real time confirmation on orders and trades placed
Consolidated view of your trade book, order book and net position for the day

Victory Terminal financial services Speed
Executable desktop platform
Fully customisable display
All features available at a brokers terminal

Customised Solutions: Our expertise lies in institutionalised delivery with an individual touch. We understand YOU.

Trading Exposures: You can avail of trading exposure on your cash as well as Demat holdings with us.

Paperless Trading: Enjoy the benefit of paperless and smooth transactions by linking your Citibank and Demat account with your trading account. Your contract notes for trades executed are available online and will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Call & Trade: We ensure that you do not miss out on any trading opportunity.You may call and trade through our dedicated Customer Service Desk, during market hours, from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Victory Terminal financial services believes in empowering their clients its the correct financial education in order to enable them to make informed Investment decisions. Victory Terminal financial services conducts knowledge series for its clients on a regular basis covering sessions on fundamental, technical and derivatives research. The course has been structured in two parts - Basic & Advanced, to help clients gradually progress through the knowledge of the financial world.

Empower our clients for making informed Investment decisions through a thorough understanding of the stock markets
Educating investors about market operations and volatilities
Interaction of clients with experienced analysts to get answers to all their research related queries
Help our clients understand the research reports in depth
Empowering our clients by informing them of their rights and responsibilities under various laws.

Technical Analysis Our experienced technical analyst shall educate you on the basic theories of technical analysis like Dow Theory that govern technical analysis. The sessions aim to enable you to understand all the basic terminologies used in day to day trading like Types of charts, Time frame of chart, Support, Resistance and Trends. These sessions shall empower you to make informed trading cum Investment decisions.

Derivatives Analysis Our experienced derivative analyst shall educate you on the basics of derivatives trading. The purpose of the session is to make you comfortable with simple derivative trade like buying and selling options. The session shall enable you to understand the Basics of derivatives, Types of derivatives and Options pricing. It also helps you in understanding terminologies like Open Interest, Cost of Carry, Put Call Ratios and how to use this information effectively for trading in equity markets.

Fundamental Analysis You shall get access to world-class research reports from one of the largest institutional research teams - Victory Terminal financial services & Analysis. Our analyst shall help you understand the various reports like: Sector reports and Stock specific reports. They shall get an in-depth session on how to interpret a company balance sheet, cash flow statements and quarterly review statements. It will also cover the basic valuation techniques like Price to Earnings and Price to Book Value. The sessions shall enable you to understand the sectors and companies better and to make informed decisions about investing in stocks.

If you are interested in these sessions, please drop a mail at

Technical Analysis Once the clients have understood the basics of technical analysis they can take our advanced SMART trader sessions. The technical analyst shall educate you on more advanced topics like Moving Averages, Retracement, Price Patterns, Oscillators and Candle Stick Patterns.

Derivatives Analysis After having understood the basics of derivative analysis, our analyst shall educate you on the more complex strategies like Bull Spreads, Bear Spreads, Straddle, Strangle and Yield enhancing strategies. Our analyst shall also educate you about the benefits of derivatives in various market conditions like strategies for volatile or range bound markets and how to get additional yields with your equity portfolio using various yield enhancing strategies.

Fundamental Analysis In the advanced session of fundamental analysis, our analyst shall educate you about the global and Indian economy and how can this knowledge be used to invest in particular sectors or stocks. It covers various economic reports by Victory Terminal financial services like Global Economic Report, India Macroeconomic Report as well as Strategy reports like Global Market Strategy report, Emerging Markets Strategy Report, India Strategy Report. It also covers advanced valuation techniques like EV / EBDITA, Sum of Parts Valuation which would help the client to make informed long term Investment decisions.

If you are interested in these sessions, please drop a mail at

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